The Art of Escapism

A Documentary Short. 

It is an intimate portrait of the UK’s only Bamboo Tattoo Artist on the move, Tarly Marr.

'The Art of Escapism' is the fourth short film and first documentary short from film collective Pallas Pictures. 

It tells the personal story of UK Bamboo tattoo artist, Tarly Marr, and how he found both escapism and direction in the ancient art of hand-poked tattooing. 

The film alternates between Tarly Marr talking candidly about his art form, his personal journey, and his past experiences, with footage showing the intricacy of the Thai artform he has mastered as he creates one of his unique tattoos. 

Tarly, bare-chested and displaying his own ink, talks direct to camera about the life choices, good and bad, that have led him to this moment in life.

The film is directed by Pallas Pictures founder Charles Willcocks and is shot beautifully by the director of photography Jack Homan, edited by Beverly Maguire, with DIT and Audio by John Sellings and was written by Ryan Lewis.