The sixth, and current, project from Pallas Pictures

You reap what you sow

'Harvest' is an episodic creature based series set in rural Yorkshire. In a remote and ancient village of gritstone, pubs, country pursuits and the Anglican Church, life seems idyllic and quaintly English. But the village holds a dark and wicked secret: the key to eternal life. This is the sixth project from Pallas Pictures and our most adventurous to date and is our second to feature a CG character.

Think 'Stranger things' meets the 'Wicker Man' or 'The Durrells' meets 'Rosemary’s Baby' 'Harvest' is a dark fantastical tale with a distinctly British soul.

Harvesting an elixir of life from a breed of ancient creatures, called the Engelsorg, a village of good Christian country folk cruelly imprison these beasts on their village allotment. Hidden from the rest of the world the community’s twisted world of the occult is seemingly threatened when a new family moves in from the city.

When the Jardine Family move into the leafy Yorkshire village of Blotwick from London they are welcomed with open arms. The village couldn’t be kinder. Food baskets, invites to fetes, and true Yorkshire grit greets them all. They soon all become entwined in the village life with each of them discovering Blotwick’s dark history and cruel present individually. As each member of the family immerses themselves in the community the bonds of their family unravel as the vines of the community begins to grow amongst them.

Playing on our deepest primal fears the fear of the unknown, the fear of the outsider, and the fear of the dying. 'Harvest' is an allegorical tale about modern isolationism and hate. Genre literate to the world of British Horror Pallas Pictures has created a whole new world of Yorkshire noir and rural horror.