The Story of Pallas Pictures

Who we are

Pallas Pictures began in 2015. It is an ever-expanding collective of artists, writers and musicians united by the desire and ambition to create film and tell stories.

All members of the collective involved in projects have individual talents, specialist skills, and unique experiences that catalyse and unify our vision to make film that both entertains and evokes an emotional response.

The way in which we work together to create film is underpinned by our manifesto, which consists of 5 guiding principles for both our style and mechanism for filmmaking.

We share ideas and bring skills as individuals but we create together as a group. On each ‘creation’ the sharing and learning of new skills are encouraged at all times.

Creativity is about putting imaginations to work, being willing to make mistakes, and seeking out those truths that inspire us and help us all to soar high above our dreams.

Pallas Pictures Manifesto

The creation of film by Pallas Pictures is underpinned by 5 principles:

1) EQUALITY: All creative members are to be credited equally. All ideas are to be considered and judged on their merit alone.

2) LIBERTY: Freedom to think, to create, to experiment, to share, and to learn is paramount and encouraged at all times throughout any production.

3) ECONOMICALLY: All creative members work for free and where feasibly possible everything should be ‘begged, borrowed, or stolen’ before it is purchased.

4) EFFICIENCY:  Time is precious and all creations should be done in the minimum amount of time. 

5) CONTEMPORARY: All films are set in the present day, filmed in colour, and set in the UK.